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Meet Rashawn

Hi, how are you? I like you already! Yeah… joyous, awesome you, are you looking around for unconditional love and incomprehensible peace.

I’m with you. I long for it every day too — hunting for a hint of God’s love. It’s a blessing that you’ve visited me today!

I’m Rashawn Copeland, a husband to a Puerto Rican princess, Daddy to 3, and honestly, I need help everyday.

Every single day, really.


God’s grace never relents – It’s always available.


Because of that, I’m forever grateful.

I started college as a student athlete and finished an Army Officer.

I married a modest mommy who cooks like a professional chef.

I have a big boy and 2 diaper babies. My schedule is never empty. I buy a ton of great books at Goodwill. I started a digital marketing company and most days I feel just a tad bit overwhelmed and overworked.

When the sunrises at dawn and my tribe is sleeping, I take long prayer walks with God to allow His Spirit to speak to me. It’s absolutely my favorite time of the day.

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